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Detox Plan


When toxins accumulate in the body, it leads to a reduction in cellular energy which leads to lethargy, lack of energy or fatigue and impacts many systems of the body including the digestive system, skin health, immune system, and metabolism.

The detox will help you jump-start efficient digestion apart from boosting energy production at the cellular level. It also helps restore vitality and energy, and you feel lighter, energetic and healthy.

  • Supports liver function-

    The liver is the primary detox organ of our body that tirelessly works to eliminate harmful substances out of the body. A well-designed detox helps restore liver health so that this vital organ can proficiently perform all vital metabolic and detoxification processes.

  • Promotes healthy and radiant skin

    Our skin is not only the largest organ of our body; it is also one of the primary detoxification organs. Any toxins that build up in the body are quickly manifested in the skin. This comes in the form of dullness, lusterless skin, acne and breakouts and sensitivities such as rashes. Detox helps the skin to get rid of any unwanted toxins and you can experience a healthy and glowing skin post-detox.

  • Helps with weight management and digestion

    Detox helps break the plateau in the weight loss journey, as it helps restore the functional efficiency of the gut and liver. Once proper metabolic function is established and the body’s ability to absorb nutrients is restored, long-term weight management becomes easy and sustainable.


kavita sardana Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator

I have known Taruna for about 2 years now. I reached out to her through a reference after my second baby was born. I needed someone to help lose my pregnancy weight without compromising on my nutrition, as I was feeding my son and have low immunity. Taruna came to my rescue. I followed her diet and I lost 6 kgs by eating wholesome nutritious food. I was NEVER hungry. She gave me several natural immunity boosting juices in the morning, to keep up my immunity. She alternated several cereals, to ensure, I had my carbs and minerals and large portion of proteins for saturation. On a personal note, she is a mentor, a friend, and a motivator. Every-time, I wanted to give up, she spent an inordinate amount of time in talking me through. I will recommend her without reservation.

Gunjan Kuthiala Director – Talent Acquisition

Dr. Taruna is extremely wise, patient & experienced doctor. She has helped me personally loosing 40 plus lbs in within 6 months in the most nutritious way. Her Ayurvedic knowledge is commendable & has helped me work on my skin too. I feel fit, energetic & good looking with life style changes recommended by Dr. Taruna. I can’t thank her enough for being who she is, a gem of a person who goes out of her way to support all.

Bharat Mehra Vice President – HDFC Bank

I consulted with Dr Taruna for weight loss. She was outstanding. I was given a balanced diet and was not required to starve myself. She even indulged me with some of my favorite things during the diet plan. She is a thorough professional. She followed up with me at intervals in terms of how I was feeling and monitored the weight weekly. Her diets came weekly on time without any reminders. She is so good that one feels like being on a diet and consulting with her all the time. The actual weight loss started within a few days and the results with 2 months were outstanding and to my delight. Highly recommended

Geetika Modgil HR Consultant and Entrepreneur

Dr Taruna believes in holistic approach and right nutrition and does not promote crash diets or liquid/carb free/ fad diets. My issues related to PCOD were dealt with diet changes along with mild exercises and some ayurvedic medications. I have completely stopped any allopathy from my system and rely on the age old wisdom of Ayurveda, all thanks to Dr Taruna! I wish her all the best and hope she carries on with the excellent work!

Priya B. Corporate Consultant

The migraine had made my life really miserable and I tried out almost everything to get rid of it, but never got success. It was due to the reason that I was always trying to suppress symptoms with different medicines. Dr Taruna helped me in understanding the root cause of it and helped me out with a holistic prescription. I followed the complete treatment for 6 months and I started feeling better from first month itself. Now it’s been almost a year, I didn’t have any episodes of headache. Thank you so much Dr Taruna for giving me the best gift of my life.

Ruchika Nagpal Teacher

I used to be a bit scared of trying any alternate treatments for my allergic rhinitis issue. One of my friend suggested me to touch base with Dr Taruna for an Ayurvedic Consultation. I met her and the first interaction was 45 minutes which surprised me a lot. She enquired about EVERYTHING, my diet, my lifestyle, details of health concerns, symptoms and whatnot. And she started my treatment with some medicines and she suggested strict dietary guidelines, which I followed and I am so relieved now. Thank you so much Dr Taruna for all your help.